What Will You Learn In This Conference?

  1. Global Trend for Sustainable Housing, Our National Housing
  2. How Malaysia can developing a Sustainable Housing with TOD Approach
  3. The Progress of┬áMalaysia’s Housing Development
  4. Future of Social Housing, Financing and Management
  5. Building a city, neighborhoods and livability Transit Oriented Development
  6. Affordable housing solutions and its planning and policy implications
  7. Challenges in the Development of Sustainable Housing
  8. Disruptive technologies in Sustainable housing
  9. Sustainable Housing Policy
  10. Approaching the challenges of Housing Development comprehensively

Who Should Attend This Event?

The conference and exhibition is aimed at colleagues in both the Public Sector and the Private Sector involved in, or with an interest in housing sustainability, specifically

  • Professionals in planning, housing and related fields
  • Government officials and policymakers
  • Property developers and consultants
  • Solution providers of smart technology and sustainable development
  • Academics and researchers
  • Other stakeholders interested in improving the urban environment.

Why Attend This Event?

  • Connect with prominent leaders and decision makers
  • Draw insights from case studies to address housing and planning challenges
  • Engage in collaborative discussions on urban solutions with experts from various disciplines
  • The opportunity to network with people that matter, from housing and sustainability facing the same challenges to the right suppliers and other stakeholders in a relaxed environment